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Message of the Mayor of Rome
Message of the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craftsmanship and Agriculture in Rome
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The second edition of La Notte Bianca will be held in Rome from 8 p.m. on Saturday September 18th to Sunday September 19th, a great international event promoted jointly by the Municipality of Rome and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture, in cooperation with the Ministry for Culture.
The success of the first Roman 'Notte Bianca' was the result of the public's extraordinary participation: one and a half million people, who on September 27th 2003 were given the freedom of the city, experiencing Rome as a collective party and seeing the city from a new perspective, during the night, all united in a city having fun, with serenity and curiosity, in spite of the problems caused by the blackout.
During that night, Rome brought to life all its districts, its historical locations, the museums, as well as its theatres, its cinemas and its shops, with events that even allowed the city spaces to be perceived differently, from the streets to the squares and the more unusual roads in the city outskirts; a new configuration that united its satisfied and enthusiastic citizens, creating a really unusual atmosphere.

This year too, Rome will become

  • from the city centre to the suburbs, a city that remains open all night, to solidarity, to art, to the cinema, the theatre and to music, to events, sports and shopping, in an unusual atmosphere in which the most daily of gestures assume the characteristics of an event, in a festive context of cultural curiosity;
  • a sympathetic city, that intends to attract the attention of its inhabitants to social problems, through a series of initiatives for the homeless, welcome centres, the youngsters from Rome's Municipality's 'Circuito di Accoglienza' currently placed with families, and for the blind;
  • a city to be experienced on foot and also using public transport: all locations will be easy to get to because transport will be increased for the entire night;
  • · a city rich with interdisciplinary ideas (the visual arts, music, but also dancing, theatre, installations, visual and sound suggestions) characterised by contemporaneity and multiculturalism.

This year the program of events will be even richer and more varied: with its music, its theatres, street performances, installations, video showings and sports activities, Rome offers about 300 events set-up all over the city and involving about 500 artists.

Participation will include:
· The most important institutions
· The most important public and private cultural institutions in the city
· The academies
· Foreign cultural Institutes

Helped by:
· Cinemas and theatres
· Those who manage public performance locations
· Shops, workshops, bars, restaurants and tasting centres
· Art galleries
· Bookshops


la Notte Bianca è gemellata con Nuit Blanche di Parigi

 Il 9 settembre la seconda conferenza stampa di presentazione della Notte Bianca 

 La sala stampa è stata aggiornata 
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