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During 'La Notte Bianca' the entire area within the Colosseum, Piazza del Popolo, Lungotevere, Via Veneto, Via Nazionale, will be entirely restricted to pedestrians.
The The area currently partially restricted, will be enlarged for the event.
Public transport will be greatly increased throughout the night.

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The Underground will be open all night with trains running as follows:

- Line "A" trains every 7.30 minutes
- Line "B" trains every 10 minutes
- The Rome -Lido line: every 15 minutes
- The Rome-Viterbo line: every 12.30 minutes
- The Rome-Pantano line: every 10 minutes

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In addition to normal services there are 70 routes, that will provide extra transport between 08.30 p.m. – 06.30 a.m.

The 70 routes identified are:  
- All express routes (20/30/60/80/90), with busses running at regular intervals, every 6 to 10 minutes;
- No. 32 routes leading to rail transport (metro, stations, trams etc);
- No. 13 routes following main roads with transport every 10 to 15 minutes;
- All tram route, with transport every 5 to 8 minutes'.
Night routes will also provide increased transport on 14 routes for which busses will be provided every 15 to 20 minutes.. 
(Please note that all the routes for which extra transport is planned, will be adapted to the traffic restrictions defined by the City Authorities).
link Compagnia di Navigazione
SHIPPING LINE Ponte S. Angelo” S.r.l.

The following four vessels: “Cornelia” and“Livia Dursilla” (max 85 people), “Rea Silvia” and “Agrippina Maggiore” (max 66 people), will sail between 8.30 p.m. and 7.30 a.m. the following morning.
Eighty runs lasting between 25 and 30 minutes are planned,with embarkation at Ponte St. Angelo and will follow the Ponte Angelo - Isola Tiberina - Ponte Cavour route.
Transport is free and no booking is required

The STA Mobility services for the Municipality of Rome
Traffic lights will work throughout the night

Those wishing to travel to Rome by train for 'La Notte Bianca' will be able to take advantage of the special offers provided by Trenitalia for those travelling on the Saturday (from all over Italy, First or Second Class at a cost of 15 euros for the Intercity and 30 euros for the Eurostar) or at night (15 euros for a seat, 30 euros for a couchette and 45 euros for a Wagon Lit).
For those wishing to travel between Rome and Paris, Artesia, a joint-venture between Trenitalia and the French railway service, will offer a two for one formula between September 12th and October 10th on the Palatino Train (two persons may travel paying for only one ticket: 98 euros in couchette, from 6 to 118 euro sharing a cabin with 4 couchettes. It is best to book well in advance).
Those who instead wish to plan their journey to the Capital using the Regional Train service can consult our timetables on the website:
Timetable pdf file (977 Kb)

presents a special “dedicated” offer capable of encouraging tourism from all over Italy to Rome at 49 Euros return (excluding airport taxes and fuel surcharge at 32 Euros).
This offer is subject to specific security charge, crisis surcharge and fuel surcharge; limited booking changes, refunds and special places that cannot be made available on all flights.
Those wishing instead to travel between Rome and Paris may take advantage of Alitalia’s special weekend offers.
For Paris/Rome/Paris flights the cost of a return ticket is 112 Euros, excluding airport taxes, luggage security taxes; crisis surcharge is 6 Euros for each leg of the journey and fuel surcharge is 16 Euros.
For Rome/Paris/Rome flights the cost of a return ticket is 133 Euros, excluding airport taxes, security charge, and crisis surcharge is 6 Euros for each leg of the journey and fuel surcharge is 16 Euros.
These fares have restrictions regards to the days on which they are available, booking changes and any eventual ticket refunding.
Some flights may be operated by airlines that are Alitalia’s partners.
The number of seats available is restricted for these fares.
For all information please see
- During the night shift (from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.), for September 18/19, all offices of the Municipal Environment Agency (AMA) for districts 1/2/3/7/8/10/11/12/17, will be present in all the squares involved in events, with operators emptying garbage bins and manually sweeping the areas used.
- All offices of the Municipal Environment Agency (AMA) will begin final clearing up activities at 4 a.m. paying particular attention to the streets in the restricted area.
- In the Tridente area, garbage collection services for commercial locations will take place between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday September 18th and timetables will be officially notified to shop owners. Collections for Bars and Restaurants will be delayed and service will start at 4 a.m. on September 19th. This provision will be officially approved with a special ordinance.
- Verranno installati, complessivamente, circa 200 WC chimici oltre al prolungamento fino alle h. 06.00 di n. 12 strutture Ama fisse di WC. About 200 chemical WCs will be installed in addition to 12 permanent AMA facilities which will remain open until 6 a.m.. During the night 350 operators and 200 vehicles will be used.



la Notte Bianca è gemellata con Nuit Blanche di Parigi

 Il 9 settembre la seconda conferenza stampa di presentazione della Notte Bianca 

 La sala stampa è stata aggiornata 
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