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  Notte Bianca, Roma
9 September 2006
            Rome will be open all night long at
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All about "La Notte Bianca"

The great international event, Rome's ‘Notte Bianca' will be held from 8 P.M. of September 9 th to 8 A.M. on Sunday September 10 th, sponsored jointly by the Municipality of Rome and by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture in Rome, in cooperation with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Latium Region and the Municipality of Rome's Treasury Banks - the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, the Banca di Roma, and the Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

So once again Rome will experience this really unique occasion, which summons large numbers of tourists and involves all the city's inhabitants, an opportunity for discovering this city and its treasures but also for an encounter with culture in its most varied expressions. Past editions of the Notte Bianca were a great success, brining thousands of visitors to every corner of the capital: streets, squares, art locations, museums, theatres, villas, cinemas and shops were transformed into as many stages for events, giving life to a unique collective experience emphasising all Rome's artistic and cultural vitality.

This year too Rome will be open

  • from the centre to the suburbs, throughout the night to solidarity, art, the cinema, the theatre, to music, events, sport and shopping, in an unusual atmosphere in which daily gestures assume the quality of an event, in a festive and culturally curious context
  • a sympathetic city wishing to draw its inhabitants attention to social issues;
  • a city to be experienced on foot and using public transport. In fact it will be easy to move around since all public transport will be increased throughout the night;
  • a city rich in interdisciplinary ideas (visual arts, music, and also, dance, the theatre, installations, visual and sound events) all characterised by contemporaneity and multiculturalism.

This year too the Notte Bianca will present hundreds of events and the participation of over 1000 artists, the stars of an extremely rich programme that will start at 9 P.M. in Piazza del Campidoglio with Roberto Bolle and Alessandra Ferri performing in a scene from “Romeo and Juliet”, choreographed by Amedeo Amodio; this performance will be followed by Gianni Morandi with his guitar and then by the eclectic and greatly loved Gigi Proietti.


  • The most important institutions
  • The city's most important private and public cultural institutions
  • The academies
  • The foreign cultural institutes

Support from the owners of

  • Cinemas and theatres
  • All public entertainment locations
  • Shops, workshops, tasting and food and beverage locations
  • Art galleries
  • Bookshop



 Seconda conferenza stampa di Notte Bianca 

 Conferenza stampa di Notte Bianca 2006 
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